Support Options through Youth Migration Service (Jugendmigrationsdienst (JMD) in Germany

Youth integration plays an important part in successful immigration and harmonious life in Germany. The Youth Migration Service (Jugendmigrationsdienst or JMD) represents one of the central contact points which offer a variety of support measures in the areas of education, social integration and financial help. This article provides a detailed overview of the JMD’s services and the related charities and initiatives.

Youth Migration Service (JMD) – Table of Contents

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What is Youth Migration Service and Who is Behind It?

Youth Migration Service supports young people aged between 12 and 27 who have immigrated to Germany. Since 2017, their services have also been open to young refugees who live in Germany either legally or on the basis of the so-called “tolerance” permit under immigration law, which disallows their deportation from the country. The support offers include socio-educational advising and integration support as well as the implementation of group offers to facilitate integration process. Additionally, JMD works with parents of the youth with the aim of promoting voluntary and civic engagement among young people with a migration background. The aim is to promote the integration and inclusion of this target group in society, especially in the education sector. The JMD also offers advice, support at school, and help with acquiring the language in order to give young immigrants equal educational opportunities and to help them on their way to obtaining a school-leaving certificate.

Welfare Associations behind the Youth Migration Service

The Youth Migration Service (JMD) is a central contact point for children and young adults immigrating to Germany and it is supported by various welfare associations. These welfare associations, charities and initiatives have a long tradition of social work and are active in many cities and communities. They offer a wide range of services aimed at promoting the integration and inclusion of immigrants and refugees into the German society. With their extensive network and expertise in the social sector, the welfare associations play a crucial role in implementing the JMD’s integration programs and supporting young immigrants on their way to successful integration in Germany. Through their close cooperation with the JMD, the welfare associations can offer effective and targeted support that helps young migrants achieve their personal, educational and professional goals.

Caritas Diakonie & Diakonisches Werk Other welfare associations
Caritas is one of the largest Catholic welfare associations in Germany that is particularly committed to the integration of migrants and refugees. With locations in almost every major city, Caritas is an important partner of the JMD. As a social work of the Protestant churches, Diakonie offers extensive social services and works closely with the JMD to support young migrants. In addition to Caritas and Diakonie, the “Arbeiterwohlfahrt” (AWO), which among other things focuses on workers’ welfare, the German Red Cross (DRK) and the Joint Welfare Association (Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband) are also involved in the area of migrant integration and work closely with the JMD.

Youth Migration Service (JMD) Initiatives and Support

The JMD offers a variety of services, including advice and support with school and professional challenges as well as leisure activities. Counseling can be provided online via the jmd4you  platform, which also offers an option of chatting to trained JMD advisors​​ on the website. Another option for counseling is provided by Caritas. Registration for this counseling service can be done through the Caritas website.

Support for Young Refugees

The Youth Migration Services (JMD) have launched special programs to support young refugees in Germany. These programs cover various aspects of life, including education, social integration, leisure activities and professional orientation. Through individual advice and group offers, the JMD promotes school and professional integration, but also offers support with everyday challenges and social integration. Support is also provided through professional and trained counselors who respond to the needs of young refugees and help them to find their way in their new environment and lead a self-determined life.

Help with Language Acquisition

Supporting language acquisition is a central component of the JMD’s integration work. Young immigrants are given the opportunity to improve their German skills through special language courses, in order to meet the basic requirement for successful educational and professional integration. The courses are usually tailored to the respective age groups and previous knowledge and offer individual support. In addition to supporting language acquisition, the JMD also offers other courses, for example for career orientation or preparation for school-leaving certificates, to make it easier for young immigrants to enter professional life and further develop their academic and professional skills.

Educational Opportunities and School Integration

The youth migration services work closely with various organizations and institutions such as Caritas and Diakonie in order to develop educational opportunities for immigrant youth. This collaboration aims to integrate young migrants into the German school system and to give them equal educational opportunities. These support offers include help with learning tailored to the individual’s needs, tutoring, career orientation courses and support in the transition from school to work. Through targeted advice and support, the young migrants should be enabled to achieve their school goals and improve their career prospects.

One-Time Financial Support

In cases of emergency, the JMD offers one-off financial support to bridge unexpected obstacles or financial hurdles. This can be the case, for example, in the event of unexpected expenses, job loss or other financial emergencies. The financial assistance is intended to enable young migrants to cover their immediate needs and overcome an acute emergency. The support is provided in close coordination with JMD advisors and other social services to ensure that the assistance is needs-based and targeted. The aim is to enable young migrants to make a smooth transition to their new living situation and to support them in achieving their long-term integration goals.

How and Where Can I Receive Help from the Youth Migration Service?

The youth migration services have a strong presence in Germany with almost 500 locations nationwide. You can visit the JMD website and use the search function to find a service near you and contact them directly for more information. The JMD also offers a wide range of digital support services through online portals, chat advice, thematic webinars and hotlines.

Applying for Specific Services from the JMD

The registration process for the services of the Youth Migration Service includes an initial interview, selecting the appropriate offer, filling out registration forms and receiving the support measure.

First Interview Make an appointment for an initial consultation with a JMD advisor. Prepare all necessary documents, such as identification documents, residence permits and educational/professional certificates. Discuss your individual goals, needs and challenges.
Selecting the appropriate offer and support type After the initial consultation, the advisor will suggest an appropriate offer of support tailored to your personal circumstances and goals
Filling in Application Documents Complete the required registration forms provided to you by the JMD.
If you are unsure how to fill in the documents, you can always contact the advisor who can help you with anything that is unclear.
Receiving Support After successful registration, the support measure begins, be it in the form of consultations, courses or other offers.
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Checklist for Applying for JMD Support Offers

  • Make an appointment for the initial consultation

  • Prepare necessary documents (identification documents, residence permit, school/professional certificates)

  • Complete registration forms

  • Request assistance completing forms if necessary

  • Receive confirmation of registration and information about the start of the support measure

Frequently Asked Questions about the Youth Migration Service

Adolescent migrants and young adults between the ages of 12 and 27 in Germany can access the services of the JMD.

The JMD offers various services, including support in the education sector, language support, career orientation, individual counseling, and targeted programs for better integration into the education system.

The JMD supports young migrants in overcoming educational challenges, provides language support, helps them achieve their educational goals, and ensures equal educational opportunities.

The language support service aims to ensure that young migrants can effectively communicate in their new environment and participate in educational opportunities through specialized courses.

You can access the services of the JMD by visiting their local offices or using their online resources. The registration process for specific services typically involves an initial consultation, the selection of an appropriate support service, filling out registration forms, and then commencing the support intervention.

Yes, the JMD offers one-time financial assistance in special cases to bridge unexpected obstacles or financial difficulties.

Various welfare associations such as Caritas, Diakonie, and other local welfare organizations collaborate with the JMD to provide support services.

The JMD has special programs for young refugees, offers targeted immigration support, and assists them in various aspects of their lives in Germany, from education to leisure activities.

You can find JMD offices in almost every major city in Germany. Information and contact details are also available on the official JMD website or through local welfare organizations.

Yes, the JMD offers online resources, including information portals, direct chat options with trained counselors, thematic webinars, and dedicated hotlines for migrant-specific educational concerns.

The registration process includes an initial conversation, the selection of an appropriate support service based on the conversation, filling out registration forms, and then commencing the actual support intervention.

The JMD initiates targeted programs such as tutoring services and career orientation courses by collaborating with schools and other educational institutions to ensure the educational integration of young migrants.

In addition to the JMD, young migrants can take advantage of integration courses, educational programs at community colleges, leisure activities through local community websites or community centers, and connect with other migrants through organizations like „Migranten für Migranten“ (Migrants for Migrants).

The JMD plays a significant role in ensuring that young migrants not only become part of their communities in Germany but also actively contribute to them.


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